The following patents specify the interlock drive system. For further publications see the references.

Apparatus and Method to Determine Ground Properties by Traction Anchors and Sensors (2015)

Damian Bover, Volker Nannen, and Georgina Ramirez Camps

US Patent (filed and published 2015, granted 2018): 9,945,832

A system and apparatus for determining soil properties and managing the ground can include a platform equipped with traction anchors, wherein at least one anchor is configured to provide a point of traction on the ground and to pull the platform. The system also includes one or more sensors positioned and configured to detect ground properties near the anchor, and a computer subsystem configured to receive and process data on ground properties measured by the sensor, to process this information, and capable of transmitting information about the ground soil to a remote receiver.

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Autonomous Self-Actuated Tillage Implement (2013)

Damian Bover

US Patent (published 2013, granted 2015): 9,144,188.

PCT (filed 2011, published 2012): WO2012010722

Spanish Patent (filed 2010, published 2011): ES2351140

An implement has at least a first plow share in front, provided with an anti-rollback mechanism, and at least a second plow share in the rear, with another anti-rollback mechanism. The plow shares are interconnected by alternate approaching and distancing mechanisms. A telematic control unit based on a computer system that is assisted by a global positioning system, autonomously guides movement of the implement. A steering system formed by an oscillating support can rotate in a plane perpendicular to the advancement direction of the implement and lifts one of the plow shares in relation to the ground and moves it laterally. A power supply system using renewable energy or internal or external combustion engines is mounted on the implement.

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Autonomous Self-Actuated Ploughing Implement (2013)

Damian Bover

European Patent: EP2755987 (granted 2019)

Britain: UK Intellectual Property Office

France: Base Brevets

Germany: DPMA register

PCT: WO2012010722 (filed 2011, published 2012)

Spanish Patent: ES2351140 (published 2011)

This European patent is based on the same original filing as the US patent above. Due to the many differences between the American and European conventions, the claims are formulated in a different way.

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Technical Background to the Autonomous Self-Actuated Tillage Implement

Volker Nannen, Damian Bover

Nannen, V. and Bover, D. (2013). Technical Background to the Autonomous Self-Actuated Tillage Implement. Sedewa, Technical Report 2013-08.

DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.19137.61288

Originally filed as applicant arguments in support of the patent application for Autonomous Self-Actuated Tillage Implement. See USPTO, Public Pair. Enter Patent number 9,144,188 and go to Image File Wrapper. Filed on Aug 5, 2013

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